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Happy Halloween

Halloween at St. Patrick’s School

As you are well aware, Halloween is quickly approaching and we are getting many questions from students around what Halloween will look like at school this year. Yes, we will be celebrating Halloween and yes students can wear costumes to school if they wish!

On Friday October 30, 2020, students are permitted to wear their Halloween costumes to school. As always, costumes must be in line with our Catholic values and beliefs and cannot have any blood, gore (or anything implying this) that may make others uncomfortable. Masks that are a part of the costume are not permitted and all students in grades 4- 8 will still be required to wear their regular mask for the day. If students are coming with any type of face painting done and wear a mask, they should be prepared for the mask to cover and possibly wipe off the face paint (face paint will not be a reason to opt out of mask wearing). In addition, nothing representing a weapon may be brought to school as a part of the costume.

The best advice we can give is if you are doubting/questioning the appropriateness for school, it is best left for home!

If your child does not wish to wear a costume to school that is perfectly fine and they are welcome to join in the spirit by wearing black and/or orange as an alternative.

We also suggest sending a change of clothes (if they aren’t under the costume), especially for our younger students as they often get tired of the costume and are looking to take it off by end of day.

Normally, we would plan whole school or large group Halloween activities but due to restrictions and protocols in place this year we are having to rethink our plans. We will be doing some fun activities but they will be either classroom based or whole school/large group virtually.

Please note that no sharing of snacks, treats or items (food or non-food) from home will be permitted this year due to COVID. Please refrain from sending anything from your home for your children to give to/share with other students as we will have to pack it up and send it back home with them. Thank you for your understanding and support of this.