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Important Reminders

A Few Reminders from the Office…

Immediately upon entering the building, all visitors, including parents, must report to the office to sign in and pick up a visitor tag before proceeding to any other areas of the building. In compliance with Safe Schools policy, at no time should anyone who is not a student or staff member be in the school beyond the office without a visitor tag. Upon departure, please sign out and return the visitor tag. In the morning, before school, students can join their friends on the playground and wait for the bell to ring- there is no need to bring them into class.  When dropping off late students in the morning or during the day, please leave them at the front door or office and allow them to walk to their classrooms independently after checking in at the office. If needed, we will assist your child in getting to his/her classroom after you leave.  We ask for your assistance with this matter as we work to keep all in our building safe.  


Our school day officially begins at 8:45 a.m. and our entry bell now rings at 8:43 a.m. in order to get students moving in and organized to begin promptly at start time.  One of the key ways that you can support your child’s learning and create sound work habits is to ensure they arrive on time for school.  Please help them to organize at night by packing backpacks, laying out clothes and making lunches so that the morning is organized.  A good night’s rest sets up the next day for success.  Arriving to school even a few minutes late means that your child(ren) are missing important learning opportunities and disrupting the learning of others in the class.  Thank you for your ongoing support in getting all of our learners to school on time in the morning.  In addition, our dismissal bell rings at 3:15 p.m., please meet your children outside at this time.


THANK YOU for your ongoing support of our parking lot situation around morning and afternoon bus times.  We realize it is sometimes chaotic and inconvenient but your understanding is helping to make sure all of our students are safely exiting and boarding their busses.  Please remember that the area directly across from our school, on Orkney Street, is posted as a no parking zone.  In addition, should you see a bus partially on the road with it’s lights on and stop sign out, please follow the rule to stop and wait.  School bus drivers are required to have their lights on and stop sign out when they are loading or unloading students if they are totally or partially on the road.