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Social Networking Safety

You're invited.....

St. Basil and St Gabriel Schools in Brantford are excited to host guest speaker Paul Davis for an evening parent workshop on February 24th.   Paul Davis is a dynamic speaker who knows his topic of online safety.  Paul “The Cyber Guy”, brings more than 27 years of IT knowledge and experience to his audience in an engaging and thought-provoking way.  He is an expert in all the latest social media trends and topics that parents in today’s world need to know about.  Paul speaks from his head and heart with research-based information.  Paul knows the facts when it comes to internet safety and holds us accountable for making good choices online.  He understands that it is our decision to be safe. He shares with parents the understanding that we need to follow rules, keep technology out of particular areas of the house, limit usage and make human contact and interactions a priority. Friends and family come before our devices.   It is our hope that parents will attend the evening session to find out more on how we as the adults can help to monitor, support, and promote a positive, safe online presence for our children in today’s social media world.  

Please check out the attached flyer and consider attending as St. Basil and St. Gabriel Schools have opened up an invitation to all parent communities to attend this very informative and timely session.  The more people who hear Paul’s message the better.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.